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--- Comment #12 from TMg <> ---
Check [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:fullurl::]] in every MediaWiki
installation, e.g. [[de:Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:fullurl::]]. And this is
only the tip of the iceberg. See
[[en:Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:fullurl:]], for example. I'm not even sure
if all now broken uses of the fullurl syntax can be found that way.

Please note that users already started to fix the most annoying cases.

I really don't understand why you are refusing to accept this report. It's a
broken functionality. You can confirm it very, very easily: Try to use
[{{fullurl::|diff=90530056}}] on a random page. It does not work any more.

It's really, really simple:

This still is a perfectly valid URL:

In other words, it's allowed to use an empty title in an URL. It wouldn't make
any sense to block such URLs because of the title.

Therefor this use of fullurl must be valid too:

It doesn't make any sense to force a valid title if it's ignored anyway.

Same with the colon in {{fullurl::|diff=90530056}}. The colon separates
namespaces and interwiki prefixes from the title. We are using empty prefixes
regularly, e.g. in ":File:Example.jpg". is a valid URL. is a valid URL. is a valid URL. is a valid URL.

Therefor must be valid to. It does not make
sense to allow everything else but to block this specific case. It's an empty
title (which is resolved to the main page) prefixed with a colon. We are used
to this pattern when linking to a File or Category. Why block it? I don't care
if you call it an "abuse" or "hack" or whatever. We are using it. Every single
use had a meaning and a purpose and produced a working URL. There was no
problem. Now it's broken.

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