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> Check [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:fullurl::]] in every
> MediaWiki installation, e.g.
> [[de:Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:fullurl::]]. And this is only
> the tip of the iceberg.

So I checked several large Wikipedias at random, including en, pl, es,
fr, zh, ja, it, sv, and the German Wikipedia seems to be literally the
*only* one having troubles with it – and what's more, they've already
fixed it by creating a template with that name (which is pretty
clever, I admit).

> See [[en:Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:fullurl:]], for example. I'm
> not even sure if all now broken uses of the fullurl syntax can be
> found that way.

{{fullurl:|whatever}} has *never* worked, ever since that parser
function was introduced, as far as I know. The pages listed there seem
to be templates or incorrect usages of templates.

> I really don't understand why you are refusing to accept this
> report. It's a broken functionality. You can confirm it very, very
> easily: Try to use [{{fullurl::|diff=90530056}}] on a random page.
> It does not work any more. Confirmed.

I have already explained, but let me repeat: it was not expected to
work that way, and it not working anymore (which is a side-effect of
fixing a different bug) does not seem to be a big trouble for anyone
(but you, I guess).

> Therefor must be valid to. It
> does not make sense to allow everything else but to block this
> specific case. It's an empty title (which is resolved to the main
> page) prefixed with a colon.

An empty title is resolved to the main page in only one, very specific
case: when we're deciding what to do with the 'title' URL parameter
(or a rewrite rule that maps something else to the title parameter).
In every other case it's an invalid title (we even have unit tests for

Therefore, ':', which follows the pattern you speak of, is also an
invalid title.

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