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> Elasticsearch won't make a suggestion unless the suggested text appears to be
> about 2x as likely as the provided text (our configuration) so I'm guessing
> this is caused by us getting suggestions from redirect as well as titles. 
> I'll
> have a look at it soon.
> Another thing:  I believe the fix for this will be to not provide a
> suggestion
> when the entire title is matched.  I think it'd be more appropriate for me to
> implement this in CirrusSearch even though I'm sure that LuceneSearch has the
> same problem.  The reason for this is that if I implement the fix in Cirrus
> then, one day, when I find a really good excuse to violate the rule, I'll be
> able to without having to make more convoluted changes to core.  I know,
> but my gut says do it in Cirrus and I'm going to trust it.

I was about to say the exact same thing, except let's fix it in core for all
search engines.

It makes no sense to have "Did you mean Foo?" "There is a page called 'Foo'"
like 3 lines apart on the same page :)

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