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We are in the final sprint:

Points for Alvaro:


* The search boxes don't seem to work. What result is expected if I search
"Quim"? Do we need two search boxes?

* Lists of people: let's have all-time and last quarter, instead of the two
previous quarters.

* Just checking: "Siebrand 419" means that Siebrand is the author of 419
patches that have been merged to key Wikimedia projects in the last quarter,

* Based on comment 34, let's not compute data in this KPI.

* In "What regions have a higher density of contributors?", "Unknown" should be
added, as requested in Bug 55626


* "How is the weight of the WMF evolving?" starts on March 2013, while "The
evolution of the total amount of merged commits" starts on September 2011. Is
there a reason to have different starting points? If you ask me, the longer
history we can display the better...

* In fact, "How is the weight of the WMF evolving?" already shows implicitly
the amount of commits merged every month. Could we simply add the total amounts
and be done with one graph?

* I still think that adding another graph like "How is the weight of the WMF
evolving?" but based on % would be useful to see clearly the trends of each
organization (if any).

There is more work to be done in the descriptions and the organization of the
page, but we can do this directly through pull requests at

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