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> The names of the
> components of the software (abuse log, etc.) have caused a lot of confusion 
> and
> hostility, esp. as they often are simply inaccurate for the filters being 
> used.

I assure you most of the confusion and hostility directed towards the extension
is a result of the hostility towards new and inexperienced users, both by the
extension's UI and those behind its filters, and the fact that its very
existence is completely contrary to the principle of a wiki.

Actions that are not *obviously serious abuse* warrant at least the decency of
the split-second human review that any recent changes patroller can give them,
and with little impact on the content of the wiki. We managed for eight years.
Instead, you try to use this extension to enforce style guidelines, and somehow
get away with concealing these automated decisions in what is just about the
only piece of closed-source code in the whole Wikimedia setup -- right down to
the routers and the phone system -- further entrenching the "us vs. them"
mentality that has come to define the project's outward attitude towards,
frankly, all but a few thousand people.

The fact that you're using the extension for things it wasn't designed for,
and, in my opinion, shouldn't be used for at all, doesn't merit a name change.

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