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> > If you want more info, I suggest asking a WMF staff member who is on
> > functionaries-en.
> Even if every subscriber to functionaries-en agreed, I'm not sure it would
> matter here. This is a MediaWiki core technical matter and it seems like a
> valid wontfix.
> In any case, I'll copy Philippe and Maggie on this bug report to comment on
> the
> super-secret reasons that make you believe that we must have a feature of
> this
> nature in MediaWiki core. I believe both Philippe and Maggie are subscribed
> to
> functionaries-en and if not, they'll know a staff member or two who is. :-)

I am not advocating for Oversight edits on enwp to be mass-moved to RevDel. 
They can stay in the existing data structure outside of core - no worries.  I
would be happy if they are carefully moved to RevDel by oversighters.  But if
the tech people want to mass move all oversight edits to RevDel, this feature
is needed otherwise the tech people are overriding Oversight decisions.  If
this feature is implemented, oversighters can then carefully unhide parts of
edits as appropriate given the circumstances.

(Thanks Risker for providing a well written explanation)

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