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Since when does a single programmer get to set policy for the entirety of

There is a bug here. Even if progressive images take up more memory, the fact
that the system is not waiting and allocating the correct amount of memory is a

Progressive JPEGs are going to be uploaded whether you want them to be or not.
Most images on Wikipedia are uploaded from the web, and most web JPEGs are
progressive, as progressive JPEGs make smaller files.

In fact, I personally have no intent to stop using progressive JPEGs since I've
been using them since 2007 without incident. Lots of things editors do puts a
large memory load on the server. We aren't required to try to make it easier on
the system. 

I've been using progressive JPEGs on Wikimedia for years, and I've not run into
a problem. If I do, then maybe I'll convert, but not until then. I'm not going
to condone a programmer changing policy in order to avoid fixing a bug.

And don't say you haven't changed policy. You put a demand on all Wikimedia
users that they do a certain thing a certain way, even though the other way
works. That's a policy change. It's even listed at the Commons Help:JPEG.

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