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> Strategic in what way? Bug 52442 comment 14 which was the rationale that was
> given was basically technical issues.

Maybe it's simply a matter of wording, it doesn't matter. What matters to
understand the current priorities of the Mobile Web team is this:

As you can see, not only anonymous mobile editing doesn't appear there, in fact
the Mobile team has some targets tightly related to more and more engaged
registered users in Wikimedia projects. 

Developers interested in good support for anonymous mobile editing in
MobileFrontend can contribute in areas where the Mobile team won't focus now.
This work is happening as some contributors are very motivated, very good! If
what you want is to change the priorities of the Mobile team so they can focus
on anonymous editing (necessarily changing their current goals) then this is
requires a more strategic discussion that I really don't think that will or
should happen in Bugzilla reports. This is what I'm trying to say.

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