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Can we have some numbers showing the performance & bandwidth effect that ULS
has, both from the client-side performance perspective, as well as from the
backend performance (mostly bandwidth, I assume)? Similarly, can we get some
hard numbers on the benefit that ULS has (presumably, % of users)?

Quantifying this would personally help me understand the feature better and
have a more informed opinion. I know that e.g. the extra bandwidth can be
detrimental on users' usage in some countries, the extra page latency (load
performance) has been directly correlated to user retention by multiple studies
and the extra CPU & bandwidth can be directly mapped to an increase in
operational costs (very rough calculations of the bandwidth cost of ULS for the
interlanguage links as deployed between July-September was 40-50k USD).

On the flip side, I'm sure there are arguments about e.g. user/editor retention
in favor of ULS. I don't know much about them, but I'd certainly like to hear
more as I currently have a skewed perception of the issue; pointers welcome.

In the end, we have to make a comparison of what we gain and what we lose in
each case, evaluate the tradeoff and possibly compromise.

It is my opinion that this case has to be made by the people wishing to
*enable* this feature, not by the ones arguing to disable it. We can't make
this the single performance engineer's problem (or, similarly, ops' problem)
and ask them to make the comparative analysis for every single feature that is
being developed & deployed in production. 

Since this has been clearly controversial and has produced issues in the past,
and until we do have such a preliminary analysis, it is also my opinion that we
need to temporarily disable ULS in production or at least limit its deployment
considerably (e.g. only small non-Latin wikis and/or beta features).

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