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> I believe it's to do with how a post is made - whether it is 4tilde ~~~~
> signed or not. Some bot-notices are standard-signed, some are not.

I think you may be misunderstanding the bug. :-)

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> Can someone link to the existing strings.

Warning: that page/file is large.

There are actually at least two inter-related issues here:

1. Whether MassMessage, which currently uses the username "MediaWiki message
delivery", should instead use the username of the user actually sending the
message. There's a related bug about this ... somewhere.

2. Whether this type of construction "<Username (or bot username)> left you a
message on <site you happened to give your e-mail address to>" in an e-mail
subject line is best. We have some... interesting usernames and bot names that
make for odd constructions. It feels a bit strange to see "Bongwarrior left you
a message on Wikipedia" or "MediaWiki message delivery left you a message" in
an inbox.

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