--- Comment #16 from MZMcBride <> ---
This is my personal take on this bug. I haven't followed everything
super-closely, but here's broadly what I see.

(In reply to comment #15)
> Can we have a GSoC student code it as the attached design shows.

Reading comment 0, "it" seems to actually include multiple components,
depending on how detail-oriented you are.

One step is obviously removing the little dialog box. That part is trivial to
implement immediately. But...

(In reply to comment #0)
> Recommendation : hold thank action in a queue for 30 seconds (60?) in which
> the thanker can click "thanked" to unthank with no notification sent to the
> target of the thanks. After the queue expires, the user can unthank but no
> action will occur other than "Thanked" changing back to "Thank"

Implementing this piece might be a blocker to doing any useful experiment, and
coding this second part properly is not trivial. You need to add a reliable
delay mechanism and implement the ability to de-queue and re-queue thanks

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