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There are two aspects here: the UI workflow and the notification sent.

At least Twitter and Facebook have a simple and binary workflow:

* Twitter: Favorite --> Favorited --> Favorite --> Favorited...
* Facebook: Like --> Unlike --> Like--> Unlike...

Therefore I guess a simple solution that wouldn't surprise to any user would be

* MediaWiki: thank --> thanked --> thank --> thanked...

I personally agree that the extra dialog feels unnecessary. Then again

About delayed notifications, they seem to be used by these services. I have no
idea about their setup but usually a few seconds inenough for a user to realize
that a click has been done by mistake. The worse that can happen is that
another user gets a notification. Not a big deal?

What is clear is that they don't send any notification if you have been
"unfavorited" or "unliked".

Whether this is a good candidate for a mentorship program or not will depend on
the complexity of the feature (not too easy, not too difficult), community
consensus and availability of 1-2 mentors.

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