--- Comment #38 from Dario Taraborelli <> ---
I have a related use case that generalizes the GA/FA proposal aw well as the
ArticleStatus proposal.

I would like to be able to annotate individual articles with:

(1) arbitrary article-level annotations, including but not limited to:
    * FA
    * GA
    * stub
    * Protection status
    * Article-level cleanup flags like {{refimprove}}, {{POV}}, {{notability}}

(2) add qualifiers to these annotations to specify the start time or time range
and potentially a rev_id as a source for these statements

This would stretch the scope of the current notion of a badge but I'd like to
hear if time qualifiers for badges are on the near horizon.

Having these annotations represented in a structured format on Wikidata would
allow people (or applications) to run queries like: give me all French
Wikipedia articles in chemistry that have been flagged within the last year as
stubs or as missing references.

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