--- Comment #2 from Nathan Larson <> ---
What is the specific shortcoming in the interwiki system you're talking about,
and how would we fix it? Also, what is the advantage of encouraging wikis to
use a project namespace name that's the same as the wiki name? I would think it
would be more convenient to standardize it to Project: because then if you port
content from one wiki to another that has links to Project: you don't need to
do a find-and-replace to change, e.g. "FooWiki:Sandbox" to "BarWiki:Sandbox".
It will just be "Project:Sandbox" on both wikis, and the imported page would
fit right in.

We standardize the other namespace names (MediaWiki:, Template:, Help:, etc.)
from one wiki to the next, so why not standardize Project: too?

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