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Just to answer some of the questions above and (hopefully) clear up some

1) "Is Flow ready for a production wiki?"

It's been live on not one but 3 production wikis (, testwiki,
test2wiki) for over a month, so it's a little late for the rhetorical
speculation :)

2) "A few people have noted that quite recently (within the past few weeks, I
suppose) Flow didn't support user blocks and other anti-abuse features."

Flow is currently integrated with both AbuseFilter and spam blacklist and fully
supports registered and unregistered user blocks. There was a bug in early
January which caused IP blocks to not work, but we fixed it as soon as we
spotted it.

3) "Flow can't be enabled on any production wiki anywhere unless there is an
strategy, i.e. a script to convert Flow discussions back to wikitext."

And there is precisely such a script :) 

4) "As for most WMF software projects nowadays, all
wikis should be offered to pioneer, volunteering to the experimentation 1 to n
project/talk pages with x to y edits per month, for any given n, x and y."

That's an excellent idea :) Let's do it!

So, just to recap: we're only deploying to a couple discussion spaces where the
editor community has agreed to trial Flow, and this is explicitly a test of the
software aimed at making it better, hence the option to opt back out and return
all discussions back to wikitext at any time. This is *not* the final product,
and Flow will *not* be enabled globally without extensive feedback from the
people who use it and product/design iteration to address that feedback. Any
language Wikipedia or sister project interested in participating in this trial
phase is welcome to do so (I like Nemo's idea of asking folks to volunteer 1-2
pages to start; I'll see what the rest of the Flow team thinks).

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