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> As the FAQ explains[1], as long as you don't use one of the Wikimedia logos
> or
> a confusingly similar domain name, merely using Vector/default Mediawiki does
> not create a risk of being sued for infringement. So this is not a
> critical/time-sensitive bug.
> That said, it'd obviously be less confusing for everyone if
> Vector-as-shipped-by-default-with-Mediawiki and
> Vector-as-deployed-on-Wikimedia-sites were slightly different; or if the same
> were true of any future theme we develop. So certainly legal approves of the
> original intent of the bug. :)
> Hope that helps; happy to answer questions.
> [1]  Q/A 5.3, scroll down a bit from here:

One of the points of Vector was to make MW-on-WMF-cluster distinct from
MW-tarball. Unfortunately, this was forgotten and Vector became both shipped by
default (bad) and enabled as default (worse) from this POV.

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