--- Comment #4 from Juan de Vojníkov <> ---
> Can you verify your copy of importDump.php is exactly the same as the
> official
> copy downloadable from (Link 6 is a code comment, so its
> unlikely
> to be missing a semi-colon)

Yes, I was not manipulated MW scripts.

> Please also include:
> *The exact error message (Is the missing semi-colon in importDump.php, or did
> the error just happen while running the script)

The exact error message is: "-bash: line 6 syntax error near unexpected token
;". I dont know, whether is the error in the script itself. This was told me on
IRC channel. Due to this error, I am not able to run the script. I am using
WinSCP 5.1.7 console to run scripts.

> *What version of php you are using on the command line (e.g. do php
> --version).

PHP 5.4.24
> Remember that your command line php might be a different version than your
> web
> server's php

Well, server's php is 5.4.

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