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Juan de Vojníkov: Do you have still issues with update.php? From the IRC
channel conversation [1], I guess it was already resolved. Apparently, you
executed update.php directly by the shell instead of passing it to php:

[16:31:57] <Juandev>     hi
[16:32:19] <Juandev>     I am trying to execute commond of update.php, but
there is a following error:
[16:32:27] <Juandev>     -bash: line 6: $: command not found
[16:32:31] <Juandev>     what the problem?
[16:32:48] <MatmaRex>     Juandev: run it with php, not bash
[16:33:07] <Juandev>     what does it mean?
[16:33:17] <MatmaRex>     `php maintenance/update.php`
[16:33:24] <MatmaRex>     !upgrade
[16:33:25] <wm-bot>
[16:33:32] <Juandev>     umm
[16:33:53] <Juandev>     another error: Cannot get command line arguments,
register_argc_argv is set to false
[16:34:42] <MatmaRex>     Juandev:
[16:35:08] * Juandev  looks
[16:35:35] <Juandev>     looks easy:-)


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