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(In reply to comment #6)
> Will Flow be applicable to all namespaces? There are lots of article-style
> pages that temporarily or permanently would benefit from inline comments in
> the
> middle of what is otherwise a full-text long-form page.  In those cases* I
> don't see how the Flow design will help.

Like what? Some examples, please?

> Signatures are useful in most namespaces, whereas "idiosyncratic protocols
> and
> templates and formats", with unknown amounts of associated work, seem like
> higher-hanging tasty fleshy vegetalia.
Sure, and work on those namespaces is best done when we actually discuss
_deploying_ in those namespaces - and when it is fully working for the primary
target of the VE (i.e., the mainspace).

> * Examples: wikis that don't separate talk from content; wikis that have two
> layers of talk: limited inline v. permanent talk-threads; articles or main
> pages that tabulate membership or participation or otherwise include tables
> that include user signatures.

Actual examples for each example...?

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