--- Comment #6 from Isarra <> ---
To clarify: the expiry time should not be displayed if it's set to indefinite.
This may also apply if it's set to a sufficiently long duration (for instance
if it expires after 6 months days, that may well be plenty that it doesn't
really matter anymore), though what the boundary would be, or if this is indeed
that case, is more up in the air. 

It is most important to specify the duration where it is shorter, such as of a
week, 30 days, etc. There, the logins will be expiring quite frequently, and
for the users, quite unexpectedly: if they told it to keep them logged in, it
will appear to them that they are being logged out after they specifically told
it to not log them out, because that's what it said.
The checkbox needs to be labelled correctly, because otherwise it defies user
expectation, and could even lead them to assume the checkbox does nothing at

(Of course if you can convince them it does nothing, you can then use that as a
rationale for removing it entirely, but at least I don't think anyone's trying
to go that route here.)

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