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(In reply to comment #5)
> This might be true for some websites, such as the WMF's, but there are third
> parties out there who don't stick to the default configuration. Having
> cookies
> expire too quickly is annoying -- especially so when your definition of "too
> quickly" is way different than the site's operator's -- but it's a tad bit
> less
> annoying when you know that "your login expires in 2 days" instead of "your
> login expires in 180 days".
> This is a valid enhancement request and very easy to do, so we obviously
> should
> do so in core, to provide /sane defaults/. Sure, we can call the "user name"
> box on Special:UserLogin "name" -- less verbose, and, by your definition,
> less
> "cruft", but also way more confusing. Name, but whose? My real name? The
> name I
> chose during the signup process? My friend's dog's name?

I have seen no evidence that any number of MediaWiki installs would set cookie
expiry to two days. That would defeat the purpose of providing an option to
remember a user's login session.

> So yes, let's do this instead of bikeshedding over it. You can have it
> customized/overridden for WMF sites just as you like, I won't comment on
> that,
> but the software defaults should stay sensible.

I'm not closing the bug just for formality's sake. I'm closing it because we
should not dump more unnecessary nonsense back in to the login form. You're
going to get the same response on patches.

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