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I would really like to see this extension improved. I've started working on
fixing some of the more obvious issues, but it will need some extensive
planning. Speaking from third party use, even core uses, some of the real wants
I would like to see:

1. Better page integration. Why limit this as a stand alone system for just
software or a whatever the project being tracked. Wiki pages have bugs too.
Pages have issues such as incomplete, incorrect info, new edits and needs
copyediting, etc. Link on a page to report a page with issues. Gives a better
all in one location for admins and editors to view pages with issues, recent,
old, priority. Preload a title in the tracker, Issue - Page Foo or something
similar. This saves steps to, edit a page, add a template with text of issue,
save page. 

2. If a page has an issue, transclude the summary of the issue at the end or
beginning of the page. Unassigned, assigned, whatever can bee added too.

3. Editor, text, WYSIWYG or WikiEd, then better wiki text parsing. Link outs to
pages using wiki text. I did improve the vanilla editor to use TinyMCE when
editing or adding an issue. Which makes it easier to insert links/images,
create lists, etc. Not ideal, but better than a plain text box.

4. Permissions, they work somewhat, but the "assigned to" dropdown is not
functional even with all the hacks saying it should work. The speciallistusers
is not filtering by groups so you get a list of all users and can assign
tracker items to any of them. Basically it was missing the $par for a group(s)
of users to sort by and a check to see if they have permission to be assigned
an item.

Anyway, some thoughts to get started. I have a repo on GitHub, is there on for
V1.1 yet?

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