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I think the last activity was gerrit 91565, change
I3fe59ca723e263bf923a926db27f1907b920dedd . I was leaving it as a project for
an Inclumedia intern, but he flaked out. Then the organization whose wiki was
going to be one of the first use cases I had in mind had a change of focus and
decided they weren't going to continue supporting the wiki, and might shut it

In short, whoever wants to work on it can, because it's no longer a high
priority for me (although it certainly would be nice). Those four items above,
you might want to submit as separate bugs, and maybe there will be one tracking
bug that depends on them. If you want to coordinate work on it, then forking it
to your own GitHub repo might be the fastest way to make progress, because then
you can control the code review process.

I wonder if any consideration was ever given to having +2s in Gerrit for
individual extensions? The direct-push option is kinda like that, but I'm not
sure if it gives the lead developer for that extension the same level of
flexibility in granting push access to other developers as a separate Github
repository does.

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