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> We're discussing about setting a long term login cookie for users who opt-in,
> not auto-renewing cookies or any number of other scummy things in the post
> you
> link to. 

We are discussing a core functionality if MediaWiki. I have the feesling that
you are talking about Wikipedia and the upcoming long term cookie for it only.

> No one here has actually presented a real-world complaint from users, about
> how
> they can't use the login form because it doesn't precisely specify the length
> of a login session. 

Probably because the latest MediaWiki release with the new login form is not
very often deployed to third parties. Especially companies do not very often
update a MediaWiki installation.

And I can confirm, that some of the installations I care for are using very
different cookie lifetime settings. Between some days and some weeks. Depending
on the security rules of the company. But I am not able to link to them because
most of them are in an intranet, not public available.

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