--- Comment #27 from Greg Grossmeier <> ---
Here is my assessment after conversation with/input from the Flow team and Dan

Bug 57512 - Flow not storing database link tables (pagelinks, categorylinks,
imagelinks, etc.)
* annoying, but not a 100% blocker for this deploy, but most likely for any
future expansion

Bug 57659 - Flow: API module issues
* The team hopes to get more feedback on this from the community through this
deploy and formalize that input.
* Oliver agreed to send a message to the Bot Admin Group (or such) about this,
as a warning ("This may change...")

Bug 58016 - Flow: Suppression redacts the wrong username
* while weird, not a work-flow breaker (as per Dan G)

Bug 60275 - Flow actions don't show up in CheckUser
* same as above (per Dan G, a CU)

Summary: Still very important issues, but not blocking for this specific
deployment. The team agreed to put these on their priority list for the next
sprint (as I suggested they would be blockers for any future expansions).

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