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(In reply to comment #27)
> Here is my assessment after conversation with/input from the Flow team and
> Dan
> Garry:
> Bug 57512 - Flow not storing database link tables (pagelinks, categorylinks,
> imagelinks, etc.)
> * annoying, but not a 100% blocker for this deploy, but most likely for any
> future expansion
> Bug 57659 - Flow: API module issues
> * The team hopes to get more feedback on this from the community through this
> deploy and formalize that input.
> * Oliver agreed to send a message to the Bot Admin Group (or such) about
> this,
> as a warning ("This may change...")
> Bug 58016 - Flow: Suppression redacts the wrong username
> * while weird, not a work-flow breaker (as per Dan G)
> Bug 60275 - Flow actions don't show up in CheckUser
> * same as above (per Dan G, a CU)
> Summary: Still very important issues, but not blocking for this specific
> deployment. The team agreed to put these on their priority list for the next
> sprint (as I suggested they would be blockers for any future expansions).

This new extension is having difficulties interacting with four other key
extensions....and I have to wonder how many things it has to interact badly
with before someone thinks maybe it would be a good idea to fix the interaction
problems before releasing to production.  I'm fully supportive of it continuing
to be available on test sites and mediawikiwiki, of course, so that "hands-on"
users can continue to help troubleshoot.  But when there's this many
interaction issues, and two of them are going to be highly attractive to our
problem users, who also read bugzillas and like to test new features....well,
I'm concerned.

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