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> All I understand is some data is already corrupted in archives tables and
> before solving Bug 34925, this bug is to be solved.

As stated in comment 0 ("description"), it would perhaps be most efficient to
clean up the database corruption while normalizing the archive table, because
doing so requires copying data into the text table anyway (and possibly into
external storage, if that is where the text should end up).

> So I might as well solve this bug first.
> But in my repository( which is wikimedia 1.23), none of the following files
> exist in wikimedia/maintenance folder
> 1. recompressTracked.php
> 2. trackBlobs.php
> 3. normaliseArchiveTable.php

The first two exist in a subfolder of maintenance -- maintenance/storage. The
third is the maintenance script you were trying to write ("textMigration.php"),
though with a command-line option for fixing this bug.

> So can someone tell me how do I solve this bug?

This isn't a particularly easy bug to fix.

MediaWiki's text storage subsystem is poorly documented, and there have been
various bugs over the years (including this one!) that need to be accounted

Testing is a bit tricky. You would have to set up PHP4 in order to install a
buggy revision of MediaWiki 1.4 (which is not compatible with PHP5). You would
have to 

create, edit, and delete some pages, and run a

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