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> create, edit, and delete some pages, and run a

[Sorry, I accidentally hit "Save Changes" before I was done typing my comment.
It continues as:]

specific maintenance script (compressOld.php) prior to page deletion.
Then you would have to switch to PHP5 and upgrade the installation to the
master version of MediaWiki.

What the maintenance script will have to do is already stated in comment 0
("The basic plan of action is to compile a list of content hashes in affected
blobs, and to match them up with broken pointers by comparing those content

I might as well assign bug 34925 to myself, as I have already spent the several
hours necessary to understand how MediaWiki does text storage, and the code I
have looks more complete than what has already been posted on Gerrit.

The only reason I didn't already do so was the possibility that Tim Starling
might already have this mostly done ("This is a bug I'm tracking down and
fixing"). However, if you manage to get the script done before Tim Starling or
I do, I would love to take a look at it again.

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