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These are not expected to have the same code.  Wikimedia's cluster uses a
phased deployment process.  See
.  Right now, Wikipedia has 1.23wmf12 and Wiktionary has 1.23wmf13 (a newer
version).  You can check Special:Version to see the version at any time.

This appears to be caused by some refactoring that removed the skins.vector
module.  It was replaced with other modules, which seem to be
skins.common.interface and skins.vector.styles .  See
1d5ec4a6a130cb4e291741a3b32d155ee9932a76 and
840764cc2d8956ea6348cce10da31809807bb12a (among other related ones).

The report does not indicate any end-user impact, so I'm closing as WORKSFORME.
 Please reopen if there are symptoms visible to a wiki user.

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