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(In reply to Isarra from comment #6)
> A major issue with LESS right now seems to be that there are many things
> that can be done with either LESS or RL directly.

Such as? The only thing like this I'm aware of is that you can @import other
stylesheets in LESS instead of putting them in the 'styles' array of a
ResourceLoader module.

> I say this because while you can, using LESS functions for this would get
> very messy very quickly, and at that point it'd be far more practical to
> just write out the number. But this is something where RL could handle
> everything in the background, and neatly, without the user having to do
> anything special. It just happens and everything works.

If you create a mixin for this, then I don't really think that having to write
`normalize-color(@color)` instead of `@color` is that much of a trouble,
especially since there are very few cases where the color specification has to
be provided in a specific format (just IE filters, no?).

But yes, if you're not using variables or otherwise generate the color values
dynbamically, it probably will be more practical to just write `#ffffff`
instead of `normalize-color(#fff)`.

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