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> > A major issue with LESS right now seems to be that there are many things
> > that can be done with either LESS or RL directly.
> Such as? The only thing like this I'm aware of is that you can @import other
> stylesheets in LESS instead of putting them in the 'styles' array of a
> ResourceLoader module.

Such as converting colours to six digits automatically without the developer
having to worry about using some special mixin, and having to keep worrying
about it. Indefinitely.

> > I say this because while you can, using LESS functions for this would get
> > very messy very quickly, and at that point it'd be far more practical to
> > just write out the number. But this is something where RL could handle
> > everything in the background, and neatly, without the user having to do
> > anything special. It just happens and everything works.
> If you create a mixin for this, then I don't really think that having to
> write `normalize-color(@color)` instead of `@color` is that much of a
> trouble, especially since there are very few cases where the color
> specification has to be provided in a specific format (just IE filters, no?).

No. As I said, it appears it can apply to other things, including regular
background colours.

> But yes, if you're not using variables or otherwise generate the color
> values dynbamically, it probably will be more practical to just write
> `#ffffff` instead of `normalize-color(#fff)`.

The whole point of this bug is that we shouldn't have to worry about when to
use #fff or #ffffff in the first place. Because as a rule, nobody ever does -
we write whatever, we check how it works cross-browser, and then if something
goes wrong, we track it down and fix it. This bug is to make it so that
slightly less can go wrong. That's all.

By using RL as opposed to a mixin, we can ensure that it is all resolved such
that nobody will ever have to worry this particular issue again.

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