--- Comment #13 from Bawolff (Brian Wolff) <> ---
(In reply to Aditya Chaturvedi from comment #12)
> Stuck in how to get the upper limit of page numbers. It requires the
> knowledge of total number of results in table.

I really don't think that's get-able efficiently. If we were just talking
cached special page, it could be recorded in the querycacheinfo table, however
then things would be inconsistent with uncached special pages.

Even linking to the last page for an uncached special page might be
problematic, since we use offset paging, which gets inefficient when you're
50000 results in...

At best what I think could be done would be to link to just the "last" page, by
going through the query in reverse order (Would have to do something about the
ordered list output probably). Like how Special:Contributions has a (newest |
oldest) link so you can skip to the end.

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