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(In reply to Brain Wolff from comment #13)

>I really don't think that's get-able efficiently. If we were just talking  
>>cached special page, it could be recorded in the querycacheinfo table, 
>however >then things would be inconsistent with uncached special pages.
>Even linking to the last page for an uncached special page might be 
>problematic, >since we use offset paging, which gets inefficient when you're 
>50000 results >in...
>At best what I think could be done would be to link to just the "last" page, 
>by >going through the query in reverse order (Would have to do something about 
>the >ordered list output probably). Like how Special:Contributions has a 
>(newest | >oldest) link so you can skip to the end.

Are you suggesting that displaying the page numbers should be skipped? I was
able to produce an implementation of showing N pages at a time ranging from (x-
N/2) to (x + N/2) where 'x' is the current page number but I need the upper
page limit to prevent generating extra page numbers.

Please explain your comment further.

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