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> > * We need to scan only the Bugzilla products and components corresponding to
> > . Andre,
> > did you have a list somewhere mapping these?
> Last list I made was bug 54469 comment 6.
> > Andre, you are the main stakeholder of this page.
> Noted.
> One data issue in the graphs:
> shows
> "avg_fa_Immediate:788.7567" for Feb 2011. That is impossible as the
> "Immediate" priority was only introduced on Nov 30, 2012:
> I have not investigated other peaks yet (also because I don't have data
> handy when which priority and severity was introduced in this Bugzilla).

It is shown that way because we take the current/final priority of a bug to
classify them into group due to the priority can change during the life of bug.

In this case, the peak is from bug 27320.

It was submitted on Feb 2011 (that's why it is shown at that point in the
chart) but its first action was made two years later (April 2013). Its current
priority is Immediate.

Another possibility is to select the initial state but most of the bugs (aroung
90%) fall in Unprioritize or Normal priorities. Selecting intermediate states
doesn't make any sense because we would need infinite charts to show the data.

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