--- Comment #9 from Andre Klapper <> ---
For my better understanding (and maybe others who might have the same problem):
"Time to first action by Priority" - How is an "action" defined? Is "Time to
first comment" a subset, or disjunct? Would changing the status from REOPENED
to NEW count as an action already?

Smaller issue in all graphs but only on this page:  After "Feb 2013", the month
name header in the overlay popup becomes "undefined" (instead of "Mar 2013"

> The main problem here is with those big peaks in median charts. The 
> useful data is lost at the bottom of the chart and you can only see
> flat lines. We have to think about how to manage these cases.

Does the rendering allow a cut-off parameter, e.g. "only render lowest 40% of y
axis"? Could images have double the height? Is there a way to zoom the x and/or
y axis (also see bug 61810)?
Not convinced by these ideas, but still some thoughts.

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