--- Comment #19 from Quim Gil <> ---
After a conversation with Santi, we agreed on these changes:

* focus on severity, removing all the graphs about priority and keeping the
page sane; the former is more objective and stable, the latter is more
subjective and changeable

* Santi will try to draw the graphs calculating the severity of the reports at
a given time; it seems to be easy but we'll see

* the "median age of open reports" graphs will go at the beginning: reports
without any action, reports without any comment, reports unresolved

* the "media age of reports acted upon" will follow with a clear explanation:
median age of reports when they get a first action, when they get a first
comment, when they get a resolution

* the number of bugs will be also displayed in the dialog with data.

Then the canonical list of products / reports that Andre just posted must be

Then we will see whether we still get those high peaks converting the rest in
planes or not.

Also, Andre was asking about the possibility to zoom graphs to visualize only a
certain period. I *believe* I have seen this functionality in VizGrimoire but
I'm not sure. In any case, it is something that we would consider only when we
have the points above solve, if we still need it.

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