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I too believe that this request should be put on hold.

1) Above, it talks about Wikipedia users, though it talks about Wiktionary, so
there is that uncertainty to remedy first, though it may be a slip of the

2) For a small wiki with 24 active users[1][2] to get 16 yes votes in the span
of three-four days, when numbers of those users have next to nothing in the way
of contributions, one has to and should question the validity of the process as
representing the community will.

3) The site itself does not seem to have a clear requirement for patroller and
person-bot rights.  Autopatrolled would seem to be sufficient to manage their
requirements.  They are not a big wiki, and many of the big wikis don't do
these things.  It has taken the wiki the best part of a week to get 500 edits,
it does not seem that burdensome. You can allocate bot rights, and there
doesn't seem to be the demonstrated need for person-bot rights in a review of
your RC.

Re Kolega's comments. One of the reasons that there are stewards is to look to
assist communities with the application of rights. The history of rights
allocations has been problematic when they are over-allocated to small
communities, and the control of a few people. We see things become about
ownership. Rights that grow organically and naturally with the community have
seem to be that have worked best. Rather than rights thought to be a good idea
to make a community or the bureaucrats seem to justify their positions and
elevate a level of unnecessary importance.

[1]  (small wiki info)

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