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My comment to the proposal is that with rights there should be a clear
demonstration about what the rights do, how they would be used, and the effect
on the wiki. The practice should be demonstrate the benefit, and demonstrate
the use, have that conversation on wiki, and it should be a clear question

Rights are not about making statements, rights are not about prestige, they are
simply tools to be used to undertake tasks when those tasks need to be

In checking your RC, 
* Bot rights for people — the edits undertaken by you, could have been done by
your bot. There is no example of how bot rights would be used by people, no
bulk deletions, bulk moves etc. that would flood RC.
* Rollbacker —tThere is no evidence of "undo" required, nor to whom you would
grant the right, especially as your active user list shows nobody except admins
with more than 24 edits. Admins already have the right.
* Patroller — no evidence that it is needed (see rollbacker)
* Autopatrolled. This is a right that you should have admins and 'crats
allocate, I believe that it is a good right to have the ability to self-manage.

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