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OK, I think I know what happened here.

It looks like the course was originally created with no term. This was possible
with the previous version of the interface for creating and editing courses,
though it shouldn't be possible with the new interface.

It turns out the new interface is not compatible with courses with no term. So
the bug is that if you use the new interface to edit a course with no term, the
course becomes inaccessible, appears to have been deleted, and appears on the
list of courses as a course with no title.

I'm able to reproduce this on my local Mediawiki install by reverting to the
old interface, starting to create a course with no term, removing the " ()"
from the title on the form and the URL bar, and saving the new course. Then, if
I update back to the new interface, and edit the course appears to be deleted
but can't be undeleted, and shows up as a blank entry on Special:Courses, just
like in this case.

Assuming that this is indeed what happened, I think the fastest route to get
this course up and running again would be to simply re-create it. I'm really
sorry about the extra work this entails. :( Thanks very much for understanding.

I should mention that while many people find the current EducationProgram
extension quite useful, there are still lots of issues with it. We're doing our
best to juggle maintaining it, making the most pressing improvements, and
creating new software that will provide better functionality for courses as
well as other similar collaborative editing projects. :)

The other option for this particular course would be to try to manually repair
it in the database. I can look into the possibility, but again, I think the
quickest way forward would be just to re-create it. Thanks again for

We should also check that there aren't any other courses with no term, so this
doesn't happen to other courses.

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