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Actually I submitted few screenshot and Description detail, I don't know
whether you look over there carefully or not. because of these css are not
written precise. Also you can't compare with your telugu wikipedia css. these
two font got totally different characteristic, if you got knowledge about other
language, like chinese or korean, other than latin font, you can also take
example from hindi, they interface was combine from many complex script, if you
don't have idea about language and its font usability, I think you should let
other technician work over it, who have good knowledge language interface.

If you look at items on left side and top right side, its incredibly small. for
you its doesn't matter much, because you don't have good knowledge about
different languages. when editing Wikipedia article, we are coding every line
with <big> but its can't solve problem for all command and its damn hard to
read articles inside wikipedia. 

I will state here few of own tibetan website as example, how much it size
should need for easy reading.,,, 

so hope you got idea about different languages, all language can't read on
small font, chinese font need bigger than english font, these two font can't
compare each other as example.

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