--- Comment #5 from Andre Klapper <> ---
I did look at your links, but Bugzilla would not be the place to receive help
for on-wiki custom CSS fixes. At least that's how I interpreted your comments
so far - sorry in case that your request was something else.

Could you please provide comparative screenshots for both bo and dz, including
the web addresses for these two screenshots, plus browser information (web
browser and version)?
Does any of bo or dz have webfont delivery from the Wikimedia servers enabled?

I'd need to be able to reproduce the problem, following clear and exact steps
that you provide, to be able to create exactly the same environment under which
you see the problem. Currently it's unclear to me how to reproduce the problem.

So the only idea that would be server configuration related (and hence
something for Bugzilla) would have is changing the delivered webfont, but I
don't know if it's enabled.

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