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(In reply to Steven Walling from comment #10)
> (In reply to Tyler Romeo from comment #9)
> > What if you register "this__is__my__username" and it gets corrected to "This
> > is my username"?
> This is part of the problem. This is basically the first time I've heard
> this brought up. On the Design list where this was brought up, I don't think
> anyone shared a list of everything canonicalization currently does?

I'm afraid this is not cleanly documented anywhere, and these things are too
many to sanely list. The parts that could reasonably be encountered by normal
people ;) are I think underscores → spaces, capitalization, and removing excess
spaces. For details, see Title::newFromText() and Title::secureAndSplit() (a
total of around 200 lines of rather well-commented code).

> On top of that, no one knows how often any of these cases *actually happen*.
> It's entirely possible that hundreds of thousands of new account creators
> register with lowercase via mobile, and less than 1,000/year do with
> underscores. Or the opposite. Or neither. We don't know. 
> The fact that the problem is partially undefined and definitely unmeasured
> makes it difficult for people who care about having a clean, not annoying
> user experience accept that we should throw additional warnings and barriers
> at so many users during a critical step.

Would it be possible to measure that? Could we do it?

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