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First off, wanted to thank everyone who's been working on trying to improve
this. I wanted to try to clarify where I think the problem exists and maybe try
to reach a solution that addresses the problem more abstractly. 

In systems which distinct user names are required there is a high probability
that a user name may be taken already

On foundation wikis there are both policies and extensions which attempt to
prohibit the selection of certain user names due to similarity with other user
names, prohibited characters, structure of name (no email addresses) and other
rules that establish what a user name can and cannot be.

These are both real issues, and can't really be "solved" per se.

There are other issues, for example, mediawiki’s current inability to resolve
user names irrespective of their capitalization 

The need for usernames to start with an initial capital.

These are issues that can be changed, not to say that they are simple or easy
to change, but they are changeable. 

Penalizing users, making user flows more difficult or doing anything that
causes account creation to be harder than it already is (CAPTCHAs, complex name
rules, lack of federated login and  asynchronous validation of errors in the
forms) is a misstep we cannot afford. 

While I respect the goals of this work, I feel the execution causes more issues
than it solves.

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