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> (In reply to Derk-Jan Hartman from comment #8)
> > BTW, someone suggested the idea of a notice if the HTML was detected to be
> > bad. I like that idea, but I would start with a console.log message or
> > something, instead of a banner. Might help debugging pages easier.
> We already have this in the form of round-trip testing.

How does round-trip testing help the end user. For example take
among other problems this has broken tags with a line
  Carlson Samlani <sup> Acquired from defunct U-Tex Wranglers ,/sup>
I'm not seeing anything in the console.  

That page actually had a worse bug, with a broken bit of markup in its infobox
template. I've created a testpage using a sandboxed copy of the broken template

In the normal editor everything looks fine. In VE when you edit it the whole
page is included in a single template and virtually impossible to edit.

A normal editor coming to this page and trying to use VE is going to get very
confused. A warning message might help. A console message might have helped
with the debugging of the template.

I've now fixed the template so things are fine now

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