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The immediately actionable bits of this bug report have been addressed in
Parsoid: (a) accept more of broken wikitext in table/tr attributes (gerrit
117642) (b) better handling of fosterable content (gerrit 177933).

Can this be resolved or do we still want to discuss passing warnings to VE
about broken wikitext? Here is my take on it to expand on Comment #2:

* If Parsoid can detect broken wikitext, it can "handle" it automatically and
protect against it -- either discard it as in (a) above or protect it against
dirty diffs as in (b) above. Note that over tiem, a lot of protections have
been put in place into Parsoid to detect and gracefully recover from broken
wikitext. But, in short, if something broken is getting through to VE or is
getting serialized to broken wikitext, it is because Parsoid hasn't detected it
yet in which case VE cannot be warned either. So, the larger request of this
bug report is not really addressable (unless I've misunderstood the request).
What we could expose is what we've already fixed up or "protected" or maybe
mark fixed up portions uneditable (ex: fostered content), etc. as I mentioned
in Comment #2. But, I am not sure that is necessarily useful.

* We also have a parallel project underway (right now, in the form of a GSoC
project proposal) for "online" detection of broken wikitext and recording them
for automatic / manual fixup. It is online in the sense that whenever Parsoid
detects and recovers from broken wikitext, that information is also emitted to
be recorded in a db for fixup. Where applicable, Parsoid will also generate
possible automatic fixup information. So, the idea (or hope, if you will :)) is
that this might lead to less broken wikitext. Remains to be seen how this will
pan out.

Other ideas welcome.

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