--- Comment #2 from Nemo <> ---
Pasting here what I'm doing for one wiki so that I don't forget. Some manual
actions are also needed, but those might be an error in configuration so I'm
keeping everything together.

0) Checkouts
1) Replace the path (almost) everywhere:
    sed -i "s/\/a\/wikistats_git/MYESCAPEDPATH/g" dumps/bash/*sh dumps/perl/*pl
2) Comment the path tests and adjust the
other settings including dumps_public, php, x (I put x=translatewiki), project
(I put wx); set the date variable to an 8 digit timestamp like 20140101 and add
/$date to the -i argument.
3) Create the directory $dumps_public/$project/$date and place your bz2 dump in
4) Create the directories $csv, $csv/csv_$project/ , $csv/temp and set write
5) Manually create in the $csv directory a csv file
(csv_mw/StatisticsContentNamespaces.csv) like; in
my case

project code,language code,content namespaces

Run the script! Now it's been running for a few seconds without errors, maybe
I'll get some output. :D

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