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Wikistats code base is notoriously difficult to maintain and full of quirks. I
have never made a secret of it, that I chose adding functionality over
producing neat code or restructuring. It was mostly an after hours project
before I joined WMF, and at WMF a heap of new information requests got
priority. Doing this with state of the art software engineering techniques
could have kept a small department busy.

See also 

and for a wider perspective

We're rather late in the game now, not sure how long Wikistats will be used,
but even so I appreciate any effort to do some digging into the inner workings,
if only to better understand possible discrepancies in a migration scenario,
and who knows some non Wikimedia wiki may still see use for parts of it.

So I'll be happy to provide assistance in understanding the code, and getting
it to work on say TranslationWiki. I won't have much time to restructure the

Some Q&A outside bugzilla might be expedient, happy to answer mail on or we could do one or more Skype sessions, id ezachte
(pls mail me  first).

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