Summary: format=graph Graphviz attributes from Pages and
           Product: MediaWiki extensions
           Version: any
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: Normal
         Component: SemanticResultFormats

I submitted a half-baked patch here to allow styling of graphviz nodes from
Page and Category properties ([[has graphviz node attribute::fillcolor=red]])

However, I did not do a proper job in at least 2 ways:

1. I did not create a special SMW property (I just look through all properties
until I find one with a suitable name)

2. I don't handle the Category hierarchy properly (at all, to be honest).  The
talk page has a suggestion of how best to handle Categories.

It was my first attempt at MW programming and I am not a native PHP speaker, as
you can probably tell.  It would be great if you could provide this
functionality robustly for the community.  It's low priority though, because I
have my patch working fine for our needs.

Thanks for the excellent extension.


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