--- Comment #1 from Bob MacCallum <> 2010-03-08 12:30:28 UTC 
SRF graph is currently rendering non-Page type nodes with URLs to nonexistent
pages (if graphlink=yes).  I guess this is a bug.

It also suggests another feature to me:

A page might have a string or boolean property.  You might want to color or
style those nodes differently on the graph.  Therefore if the property had a
"graphviz node attribute" property, and the property's value was non-empty (and
not false if boolean) you could apply the attributes to the node (*after*
applying the category and page-based attributes).

Even cooler (but open to injection-based attacks?) would be to enable the
display of property values.  I envisage something like this

Property:Has supervisor
[[Has type::string]]
[[Has graphviz node attribute::label="\N (supervisor \P)"]]

As described here
\N is an existing graphviz escape sequence to insert the node name.

\P could be intercepted by the SRF extension and be replaced with the property

One problem with this approach is that I can't see how you would add text from
more than one property to a node's label.

An alternative might be to use my existing patch something like this:

[[Has graphviz node attribute::label="{{PAGENAME}} (Supervisor
{{#show:{{PAGENAME}}|?has supervisor|link=none}})"]]

This works (but comes out all lowercase for some reason).

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