--- Comment #17 from Krinkle <> ---
So if I understand correctly, the whitelist of properties you approved in
comment 12 are in fact allowed for identifiable queries (e.g. with user_id/user
name attached to it), as opposed to the anonymized view. That's great news. I
wasn't expecting a non-anonymized view of the properties table at all. Having
one with this limited set of properties can be useful indeed.

And when you say "OK in principle" for the anonymized view, that means all

Good point on the user activity measure being potentially identifying on small
wikis. I suppose a month crop of the timestamp (YYYY-MM) would still be good
enough for practical applications and be a lot less likely to reveal
identifying information.

Though no matter how much we crop the timestamp (even if we'd crop it to the
month or year), one could in theory still retrieve the preferences of one user
by performing queries in a loop until the next day, month or year starts and
correlate that to the one user currently editing on that wiki.. The only way I
can think of that would mitigate that is forcing the current matching crop of
the date being delayed (e.g. all users active today on 2014-03-17 would be
listed under 2014-03-16 until this day is over, so that all active users have
had a chance to be active that day).

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